Credit Card Processing: NO Validation?

I’m using Virtual Merchant for credit card payments, and I am getting zero validation in the checkout page. Does that sound right to you, or is this a bug? For example:

If I put in an old validation date, I get no error message when I click “Place Order.” Instead, the info gets send to the credit card processor, and THEY throw the error, but by then the customer is on a basically blank page and can’t even click the “back” button really. (tries to re-submit the form)

If I put in a bad card number, the order is processed anyway, with an order status of OPEN, and a message to pick up the card. Is that normal? Shouldn’t the customer get a rejection message?

How does the cart know if a date isn’t valid for a card without contacting the payment processor? It doesn’t.

The real problem you’re having is that it isn’t redirecting back to the cart after an error. That does sound like an issue.

If the checkout code is broken like that, I’d ask Help Desk about it.

Yes, I agree - it is a problem that it’s not redirecting. This appears to be a “feature” of virtual merchant.

However, when I’m talking about the expiration date, I do think I have a point. That is, if they user types in a date that is ALREADY in the past, it’s probably a typographical error and should be caught by javascript. That is, if someone puts a card expiry of January, 2000, it’s either wrong or expired, so there’s really no need to let the customer proceed.

Will post more as I find out more…

I’m surprised it lets you choose dates in the past.