Credit Card Processing - Authorize & Refunds

If for the CC processor it is configured to Authorize only, does the order come in as status open or processed? Is there a way in CS-Cart to then charge the card from order admin or would you need to login to your Merchant account website separately to do that?

Also, it appears there is also no way to refund orders within CS-Cart. Looks like (again?) you have to login to the Merchant website to refund the charge, THEN go into CS-Cart and change the status of the order to canceled?

Canceled doesn’t seem appropriate though as one could accidentally change the order to canceled without refunding. Seems like you would want an additional status option of ‘refunded’ so you know you refunded the order?

Seems odd how this all works?

1 - Processed

2 - Standard cart no, but there’s an addon for Anet at: [url][/url]

Payments fall right behind shipping in incompleteness. But note that the majority of payment methods are “charge at time of sale” versus the more reputable way of “charge at time of ship”.

I think there are only 2 that allow for Auth-only. But most processors are remote so the cart has no idea how the merchant has configured them. Hence if it comes back with “success”, the cart assumes it’s Processed.