Credit Card Payments Failing

Using paypal Pro, credit card transactions are failing. Reason given is "mismatch in element “EXPMONTH”.

The customer is using a Mastercard which does not have a expiration month on the card and the form has no place to enter an expiration month.

Any ideas?



Can anyone at least give me an idea if this is a CS-Cart issue or a Paypal issue?

We receive multiple payments every day using Paypal Pro with VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Discover cards (currently running on CS-Cart Version 2.1.1).

If setup correctly it will work without problems.

Search the Bugtracker for "mismatch in element “EXPMONTH” " as there was mention of this months back as I recall. It may only effect older versions of CS-Cart.

It is most always a benefit to yourself to state the exact CS-Cart version you are using as it can often help to pinpoint a solution!

Also, I would double check all of your settings within your Paypal merchant account control panel (Address verification, CVS requirement settings, etc.)