Credit Card Payment Issue After Hacked Ftp

Hi ,

My FTP have been hacked. I replace files onto the server (and chage my passwords) it seems OK now.

But, I still face a trouble hen trying to pay an order with a credit card.

As you can see on the attached picture, the “blue point” (check box) is not present anymore.

And once my customer pay their orders, the bank transaction is ok, but the payment does not appears OK in my orders.

​After the payment validation, the customers return to the "process payment page'.

The callback URL did not change (it was working properly before.

Is there a TPL file or other file that I can replace ? (I use pay box as payment solution).

Thank for you help.



EDIT : I also saw files in the app/payments rep, called “[font=“Lucida Grande”][size=“2”]proxypay3.php”. Are they part of then original cscart ?[/size][/font]


I have proxy pay in my app/payments folder too… looks like a legit cs-cart file

thanks racingsolution

the issue is still present….


need to assign the correct chmod permissions/ownership in order for CS-Cart to access the file/folder.

chmod of the “.cgi script” from paypal is 755.