Credit Card Not Saved In Version 4

In version 3, the credit card details used to be saved until we marked the order as “Complete”

Is there anyway to save the credit card details in version 4?

Can anyone please help with this?

You need to make sure that the “remove CC info” box isn't checked for the order statuses Processed or Open. Other than that, I'm not sure what would be causing the credit card data to be deleted.

Didnt CS stop storing credit card details in V4 for security/compliance reesons…may be wrong but I think I saw a post about it, check v4 change logs


This seems to have fixed itself. New orders are now saving CC info. Thanks

@John - I beieve they simply changed the defaults for when CC info is removed (as distributed, it iis for all statuses). After the uproar that came when the did it automatically in V3 without the ability for an admin to intervene, they made the change. I think it was the correct compromise. They can then say as distributed, their product is PCI compliant (sort of). CC data is ALWAYS stored in the DB for a short period of time while the payment transaction is in process when the payment is being done transactionally.