Credit Card Details On Packing Slip

Does anyone know how to display the credit card details on the packing slip for orders for CS Cart 4.1.x?

The reason I ask is because for Mail & Telephone orders, details must be kept for at least 6 months and then shredded. This is just in case there is a charge back enquiry.

If anyone could provide a code snippet that i would need to place in print_packing_slip.tpl it would be much appreciated

I think youll find displaying credit card details anywhere on a packing slip or anywhere at all is gonna get you a whole heap of S***,


Eek, and this is why the option to do outside processing of cards should be removed .

To answer the op, I don't know if it's possible, and I bloody well hope it isn't, it's bad enough that you can make them visible in the admin panel.

Your card processor, should cover the whole 6 years thing anyway, a hard copy of 6 years of card numbers held by merchants, no ta very muchly

The client i am building this particular store for does all his processing offline.

I know storing credit card details is a big no no and even though I told them this they still wouldn't listen.

But hey the client is always right… even when they are wrong

That's why i think displaying CC details in the admin panel was re-integrated as there are these type of clients. Thanks for reinforcing what i already knew.

I'll just let them know it's not possible (even though i think that it is)