Creating Tax for Local Pickup

Before I set my developers on this task, I was wondering how everyone else deals with (USA) taxes that should be calculated at the store location as opposed to shipping or billing location. This is important for curbside pick up orders as the sale is occurring within the state and/or location that the store is in. I saw one other post about this but no real resolution.

I could set a single tax rate for all rate areas but this would become exceedingly cumbersome as our vendor count grows.

CS-Cart Multivendor.

Anyone else find a workaround?


I have heard of some kind of integration with Avalara’s tax calculation service (widely used in the US as far as I know). I don’t have any exact links, so I can only recommend that you google it :slight_smile:

Hi Cs-Cart Team

We are developing custom code for this. Avalara will not help as it will rely on the core CS-Cart function of shipping and/or billing address.

This is a basic function that was added to Big Commerce, Shopify, among other large e-comm based companies and should be considered for CS-Cart in the future.

If anyone else is having the same issues, contact me, might as well monetize on the work we are doing.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it on to the product managers so they can consider some changes for the future.