Creating New Real-Time Shipping Option?(CanPar) - Need help

Hi, I have a client who needs to integrate CanPar shipping into CS-Cart 3. Basically I need to create a new real-time shipping option because I need to use the calculator that CanPar provides on their site, parse the XML they send back, etc.

I’m a developer new to CS-Cart I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if there are any resources that can get me started? Should I be creating an addon for this? Or do I have to modify core code?

I may also be open to pay someone to do this that has experience doing this sort of thing since I’m pretty busy at the moment… and I don’t want to spend too much time figuring this out :P


Create an addon. In the addon.xml file you will create the DB entries needed for having the “service” known. You can look at the UPS code or USPS code as an example. FedEx API is a disaster.

Alright I'll give it a go thanks.

Also, do you know of any addons that are similar to this type of thing that I could use as a reference?

Noting in the distribution since cs-cart tends to embed these things in the core product rather than do them as addons.

any luck on your addon ?