Creating new custom dispatch location


I want to create new sub pages with blocks.

How can we create new locations?

Example i want to create a page with 2 grids. 1 grid has categories and second(large right site) grid has products blocks with content:newest.


I don't believe you can (yet) nest blocks so there's no way from the admin interface to do what you want. Will require a developer to create a custom block for you along with the controller, etc.).


Thanks for your reply tbirnseth.

In ?dispatch=block_manager.manage why there is “Add Location” link exist?

I created new location with custom.test and add some of my blocks. But i did not reach that new location with Website Hosting -

Any idea for developing that custom block?

Sorry, I've not used that feature. But generally a “location” in cs-cart related to blocks refers to a “controller”. So I would assume you can tell the block manager that when an addon (I.e. a controller) page is viewed that the custom block would then apply to that “location”.

This is my guess at the logic of that. I.e. if the xyz addon was installed on a system and it had a “customer page” (theme page in the new naming) then when an xyz page was displayed the block would be applied to that page.

Again, these are all guesses since I've not used that functionality. I was referring to a “custom block” used within the block manger versus a custom location. I.e. my mailchimp subscribe block that can be used to replace the standard newsletter subscribe when the mailchimp addon is installed.


Thanks for your reply and advices tbirnseth. But i already dont know how can i do this.I am open to new advices and tips.

Have a look at custom locations free add on it might help you do what you are looking for.