Creating Level Specifed User For Tech Teams/guy


There is a need for a restriced access for developers of any website using cs-cart. and this access should be made easly.

I don't want/need tech people to see my store statistics, how much money I made, or to see payments and paying sources (i.e. paypal user that is connected to the store in order to recieve payments) if it doesn't got anything to do with their specific job.

There should be a way to auto create a user with several check boxes so the level/access of that tech team/guy will recieve will be restricted or full by the choise of the store owner, I mean check boxes like: "can see store dashboard" "can access to store add-ons/administration/settings/etc." , by clicking 'create' the system would also provide auto user name and password (that could be auto deleted afer specific time) that even can be auto-emailed to the tech team/guy email.

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