Creating a postage surcharge is a certain item is ordered


I'm currentley evaluating CS cart for a friend who's using BigCommerce at the moment and looking to move to cut on costs. So far CS Cart looks great, I've played around witha few addons and small modifications and it's pretty much spot on for what he needs.

The only issue I have is getting the shipping to include an extra amount/surcharge if a specific item is ordered.

My friend sells two types of posters, small and large. The large posters fit 1 per tube so need an extra £2 adding to the shipping cost per poster ordered. I can do this fine in CS cart, but I have an issue with the small posters.

Upto 10 small posters can fit into one postal tube (due to the fact these are supplied flat, and the large ones are pre-rolled and cellophaned). I would like to know if it is possible to set it up so that if there are any small posters are in the cart, then an extra £2 is added to the shipping cost.

This has been achieved on his current store using a bit of trickery in specifying item weights (i.e. posters =0.1g so the postal rates for anythinga weighing XX.1g to XX.9g is £2 more than what it is for XXg) but this creates a long and confusing set of shipping rules which I'd rather avoid implementing as it is an absolute bugger to alter if he gets new products with different weights to current products.


with my store I have a flat postage rate, then on the items that require extra postage - I just go to the product then to shipping properties - then to shipping freight this is were I add the extra cost in - works a treat.

hope this helps

Yes this is the way to go.

Also have a look here CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation