Creating a new Scroller?

I just copied products_scroller.tpl and made a new one products_scroller4.tpl in the file i edited the top

{* $Id: products_scroller4.tpl 11537 2011-01-06 09:04:42Z alexions $ *}
{** block-description:scroller4 **}

It’s not listed in Appearance type when I try to set it. It’s only listed as a content block with the name _scroller4 under Standard side boxes.

How can I create a new scroller and have it show up in the appearance select box so I can use it?


You need to hack specific_settings.php and structure.php

i think they are inside one of the /schemas/ folders but you have to find them yourself, as I dont remember.

Thanks they’re in schemas/block_manager and looks like I should only need to add to the arrays