Creating 2 different content page layouts

How do I create 2 different content page layouts.

For example,

I wish to have an About Us page that contains one block of text (layout 1)

I also wish to have a Company page that contains a block of text and a block containing an image (layout 2)

I assume I do this via …

admin >> website >> content >>

But how do I create the Company page so that it follows layout 2.



Why does the image need to be in a block?

I thought that was the best/only way to add an image to a content page.

Should I be doing it a different way.


Most of the time you shouldn't need to add a block just to add an image. See the screenshot I'm attaching here. You can just add an image into your page using the Insert/Edit image button.


Thanks kingsleypress … that makes things a lot easier.