Created copy into subfolder, unable to access admin


So I made a copy of my root domain cs-cart into a subdomain called dev on the same domain

I have pointed it to a copy of the database, I also disabled the SSL functions before making the copy and have also stripped out any ssl code from the index and main tpl files

So when I visit the copy site works great, however when I go to it just simply redirect to the live website at instead of going to

I have checked the local.config file, I have cleared the cache, I have also check the DB to see if the SSL values are set to N, but cannot access the admin on the dev subdomain

With 2.1.1 (sqlite enabled) is there any other steps I missed or is there any thing I may not have done, please suggest



Okay, yes this is an issue with cache method, because I just changed the cache type to file and then was able to access the admin, I changed it back to sqlite and then get the issue again… is there something I need to clear to make it work?


I did a bot more cache folder clearing and also my ftp client if a bit iffy… it works now!

I believe the issue was that after you made your move, the cache wasn’t cleared. Hence the old cache entries referenced the old location (which no longer existed).