Create Order For Vendor

I have created some products for the admin to sell to vendors (e.g. various promotional options). I have a form where the vendor can select dates for a particular promotion (e.g. Daily Deal spots). The admin receives the email and manually checks that the dates are available.

If the vendor selected 5 dates, for example, this would be the same as if they entered 5 in the product quantity box. So, I want to know if there is a way to create an order for the relevant product with the relevant quantity for the vendor to pay.





Please clarify how do you create orders now?

Please clarify how do you create orders now?

Normally, an order is created automatically for any other product, obviously, through the normal checkout process.

In this case, I have a product already set up for the bookings, but then I realised I don't really want the vendor to use this product page unless it is certain that the dates they want are available. So, I created a booking form for them to choose dates and the admin can make sure the dates are available first.

After the dates are verified, perhaps admin can THEN direct the vendor to this product page, with pre-selected quantity? Or could an order just be created manually with the correct quantity? I'm not sure sorry. That's why I am asking for the best method to do this.

So, the process would be:

1) User applies for booking dates using the booking form

2) Admin makes sure the dates are available

3) Admin sends vendor to a payment link or manually prepared order or whatever else can be done in CS-CART

OK, I see how to manually create an order and notify customer.