create link other than a category in top menu in cs cart 3

wondering if any1 knows how to put a link into the top menu other than it being a category that i have created. i want the link to be to another form page i have made.

i can't simply specify / rename the seo name b/c it doesn't allow me to rename the title as a page already created w/o putting the -en at the end.

any help would be appreciated. thanks!

I want to do something like this and i don´t know how. Anyone knows??


wondering if anything came up where some1 wanted to put a link into the top menu other than it being a category. any help would be appreciated! thanks

You could go to design => Menus and then create your own menu. Then put that menu up at the top instead of the default one.



lol. that was not what i expecting at all… so easy! i thought i was going to mod some code or something.

what i did was create my own menu, then place it inside a newly created design block and place that block in lieu of the old menu and that was it.

thanks brandonvd