Create html siremap

Sorry for the typo in the title.

in V3, how does one create a html sitemap to use as a content page. I see how to create a xml sitemap for google, but how does one create a html page?

OK, I found the sitemap at ?dispatch=sitemap.view

How do I create a SEO friendly address. I do not see this option anywhere?

Just go to Website => SEO rules. There you will see the sitemap rule already in place (at least it is on the demo). It is on page 2 of the rules.

For example, you can see the demo sitemap at Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

If you don't have the rule, just create it. Something like:

sitemap.view - sitemap

You might also be able to do:

sitemap.view - sitemap.html

But I don't know about the html part.

I hope that helps,


Thanks, it was not already there so I added it.