Create form automatically with product information

Hello, what is would do, is to link the “contact us for pice” text to a contact form that automatically includes and sends the product name or number?

This feature isn’t included at the moment for as fas as I know? :confused:

I’ve now created a normal form and linked to the “contact_us_for_price” translation but the custommer has to fill-in the product name or type where he/she is looking for.

It’s better that the user only has to fill-in an e-mail address and name.

You can have a normal field and a little of JS that sets it hidden and pre-fills it with your relevant data.

Sorry I totally forgot this topic but I still haven’t succeed to do this.

Can you please give me more details? Is JS a havascript en if yes how can I arrange this?

Best regards

Gert Jan,

Seems more reasonable to have a custom payment method called “request quote.” The order will be left “open” since they can’t purchase the item outright. However, you will have amounts, contact information and other order details so you can ship if they agree to the quote.