Create Custom Field And Allow Users To Sort By It

Hi there,

I'm looking to do two things:

  1. I'd like to create a custom field that would appear for every product, labeled 'Artist'. (If implemented, this field could either be a drop down list or an input field - which ever is more capable of adding in). The admin person would either enter or select the Artist for each product.

  2. I'd like to include this label as a sort feature (along with price, name & popularity) when viewing products.

    Is this possible and if so, would someone mind pointing me in the right direction on setting this up? The searches I've done don't seem to yield results that I'm looking for - or I'm just using the incorrect terminology.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


Make Artist a product feature and no customization is required.

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Make Artist a product feature and no customization is required.


Thanks for your help tbirnseth! Unfortunately, I must be missing something. I created a product feature and selected the feature for the products, however, Artist does not show up as one of my sort features when viewing the site as a visitor…only price, name & popularity. Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Thanks so much for your help!

Sorry, not off the top of my head. Does it show in the Features tab of your products so you can set it?

First you would have to set “Artist” as a feature and add the variants then you would need to go to the product filters and add it as a filter.

As long as the filter box is dynamic, it should show up.


I see, thanks for your help. What I was originally asking for was for this option to show up in the Sort by menu that lists: Default, Price, Bestselling, etc. I think perhaps this isn't possible?

If that isn't possible, I did use the method you mention and have that working. I would like to throw it in a drop down instead of a list with the little 'x'. Can anyone direct me in editing my product_filters.tpl successfully?

Thank you!!

I forget where it is (and don't have time to look), but there is an array defined in fn.cms.php (I think) that determines what the list of selectable sort fields are. Poke around…