Create Cash on Delivery With Small Advance Fee

How can we create a cash on delivery payment method that still requires a small commitment fee to be paid online? This is to keep away no-serious buyers from abusing the service.


This requires modification, one of these may suit
Customer Pay 15% Deposit On Website Only - #7 by ecomlabs by @ecomlabs
Shipping and Payments Restrictions: CS-Cart add-on by Cart-Power by @cart-power
Deposit/pre-Payment - Item Specific Only! (could be ok for you but I had a bad experience with them and they required I remove the negative review before they would refund me for an add-on that didn’t work for me)

Hi, which one did you have issues with? One by ecomlabs or cart-power?


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My bad, thought I deleted that off, looks like I only deleted the supplier. It was the third one - webkul, but was for a different module not this one.

Update: I came up with a temporary solution. Create a product and name it ‘Cash on delivery commitment fee’. In description I put instructions such as.

  • Buy this item first before you can purchase any product that qualifies for cash on delivery

  • Copy SKU of a product that has Cash on delivery on it

  • Then paste the SKU in the customer notes together with other relevant info such as product size, quantity etc.

Then in the admin panel I use this information in the customer’s notes to manually create an open order and assign it C.O.D.
It’s not a smooth solution but it should do the job for now.