Create a User List Viewable on Customer Side

I’m working on creating a custom tpl that will display all of our users.

We use Cs-Cart to run an anti-bullying event and we have users “register” (become members) to participate in the event.

  1. I’ve been searching the forums, for a google map/customer mod but I can’t find one. I’ve seen stores have google maps showing where there customers are located. Does anyone know if this exists anywhere?

  2. I’ve been trying to edit [COLOR=“DarkGreen”]userlist.tpl[/COLOR] on the admin side of things to work in the customer side but am having problems. I think it has to do with permissions of accessing the [COLOR=“DarkGreen”]$user[/COLOR] entries. Does anyone know how I could do something like this?

    I’m not looking to jeopardize the security of the site or the privacy of our users. I’d just like to list the organization/business name, city, state, then country. so for example;

    [COLOR=“DarkGreen”]User List:

    Bully Help Inititaives, Halifax, NS, Canada

    CS-Cart, Ulianvosk City, Russia

    You, Your City, Your State, Your Country[/COLOR]

    Any idea where to start here?

you’re getting pretty ambitious there BullyHelp


lol…i realized that about an hour in and just copy/pasted the names from the admin side.

That google map mod would be really neat though. I’ve seen these on Ebay Motors car ads where the dealership shows all of the different places they’ve sent to. Does the longitude/latitude get computed anywhere in the database? I feel as though i saw an entry for this somewhere but can’t seem to fine it now.

Something to think about for the future i guess!