Creat order - cash sales - call in sale

When creating an order from the admin section, for a cash sale, call in, or any other reason someone doesn’t go through the web store and I have to do it manually, is it possible to enter in a price on the fly? IE not using the pre-defined pricing or discount levels. Just simply typing in a price I would like to sell that specific product for.

thank you


I believe that if you create an order through the admin, it will allow you to enter/edit the price on one of the steps.

Check the box in front of the price and enter whatever you want.


I can edit the product as I go through, but this is a universal change. Not a single change for this specific order.

One of the final steps allows you to change the price of the order. Like jobosales said, there is a check box next to the price field that allows you to edit the price.

[quote name=‘jobosales’]Check the box in front of the price and enter whatever you want.


Thank you! So simple!

‘Universal’ as in whenever the order is processed in the admin area?


Bob you got it right, change the price on the fly but leave it untouched for everyone else ordering.

Hopefully, they will also allow the discount to be overridden in the admin area:


You can vote to have the ability to change the discount in the Ideas forum: