CRE Secure Configuration

I'd like to test CRE Secure with my 2.2.x cart. I created a sandbox account with CRE Secure, but I'm not sure if I should use Hosted Payment Page or Hosted Payment Form with CS-Cart. Also, should I use the Request UID Service? I couldn't find any documentation for setting this up. I'm using Paypal Payments Pro (WPP) as my gateway.

No one using CRE Secure any more?

I have been using Cresecure for over a year. I use it with PayLeap. I use the Hosted Payment Page method.

I am not sure about the UID service. I don't think it was available when I started, so I never tested it. I may try it on an off time to see what happens. Do you have any info on UID? I did not check cre tokenization, so not sure what this does or how it would affect using it in CS-CART. What I have now has been working, so I am not too keen on checking new boxes, not knowing what will happen.



Thanks Bob. I'm going to try it out this week. UID adds another layer of security. From the site: