Crappy upgrade!

Ok well I did just what the read me said, via FTP did not work, did what the read me said via root ssh did not work. Error’s after errors. Here is a conv. with my tech as I did not want to rewite all the messy issues with this upgrade. We tried many things to fix it. Bottom line, this upgrade is junk. Our install is about a basic as it comes and nothing but issues.

[19:52] Brad Pugh: Let me know once it’s backed up.

[19:59] Dean Proctor: done

[20:28] Brad Pugh: Can you see if php may be giving an error for [url][/url] after I uploaded the upgrade the admin.php stopped working. Not sure what it’s doing.

[20:31] Dean Proctor: Nothing for that URL itself, but there is this error in the logs:

[20:31] Dean Proctor: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: fn_get_depended() in /usr/home/vixen/ on line 280

[20:38] Brad Pugh: YGM, could you give it a shot on the server and see if it works better, though ftp sucks it seems. Slow as well.

[20:38] Dean Proctor: Is it big? I haven’t received it yet

[20:39] Dean Proctor: there we go

[20:41] Brad Pugh: It’s rather small, I did just what they said besides the 777 thing I just saw that would not work over ftp… Not sure why it started to freak out with errors.

[20:41] Brad Pugh: Did my damn painter show up tongiht yet?

[20:41] Dean Proctor: not yet

[20:52] Brad Pugh: well the admin.php works now.

[20:52] Dean Proctor: it just got restored

[20:52] Dean Proctor: I’m trying it from scratch

[20:52] Brad Pugh: cool

[20:53] Brad Pugh: Maybe it will work better from the server I am thinking…

[20:57] Dean Proctor: Its done

[20:57] Dean Proctor: It didn’t want to upgrade certain files, like fn_common.php. I think its because they are custom

[21:09] Brad Pugh: Did you do this part as well? 4. Click on ‘Start’ button under ‘Upgrade’ subsection and follow

the further instructions.

[21:09] Dean Proctor: yep

[21:09] Brad Pugh: Hmm, not sure if it’s buggy or a shitty upgrade…

[21:10] Brad Pugh: Like [url][/url]

[21:10] Dean Proctor: Is it still broken?

[21:10] Brad Pugh: Pages: Array Array Array Array Array Array Array

[21:10] Brad Pugh: shows that rather then page numbers, kind of odd.

[21:10] Brad Pugh: then if I click on the products it does not show everything like it should.

[21:11] Brad Pugh: Bot there read me never said anything about the database did that start button thing do anything?

[21:11] Dean Proctor: Yep, it patched a ton of files and updated database tables

[21:12] Brad Pugh: hmm

[21:12] Dean Proctor: I can reset it if you want to try running the upgrade yourself

[21:12] Brad Pugh: no let me look at it for a min, I am sure you did it right…

[21:13] Brad Pugh: It’s almost like it’s getting stuck or something. check out this page admin.php?target=categories&mode=update&category_id=32

[21:17] Dean Proctor: I think its because of the files it wouldn’t upgrade

[21:17] Brad Pugh: Can you force them?

[21:17] Dean Proctor: The only option was to ignore and continue

[21:18] Brad Pugh: Oh in the admin section?

[21:18] Dean Proctor: Yea, in the upgrade center

[21:18] Brad Pugh: hmm, was it set to 777 on all dir?

[21:19] Brad Pugh: and files?

[21:19] Dean Proctor: Yep. I did chmod -R 777

[21:19] Dean Proctor: Everything under vixenshop was 777

[21:19] Brad Pugh: hmm

[21:19] Brad Pugh: that does not make much sense then.

[21:19] Dean Proctor: Did anyone manually edit some files?

[21:20] Brad Pugh: some but not many at all just templates and suchs.

[21:20] Brad Pugh: for the front end though

[21:20] Brad Pugh: not the backend.

[21:20] Dean Proctor: It wouldn’t upgrade 2 core files. That’s probably the issue

[21:20] Brad Pugh: what 2 files was it can you do them by hand?

[21:21] Dean Proctor: All they give are diffs, so none of the lines will match up. I don’t remember the second but one was fn_common.php.

[21:21] Dean Proctor: Is it possible to get the full install rather than the upgrade?

[21:21] Brad Pugh: yea I can

[21:21] Dean Proctor: If we can just replace those files it might work

[21:22] Brad Pugh: ok getting the full one now

[21:25] Brad Pugh: YGM

[21:25] Dean Proctor: got it

[21:31] Dean Proctor: It fixed that problem

[21:31] Dean Proctor: See any more?

[21:31] Brad Pugh: admin.php?target=products&mode=update&product_id=58

[21:31] Brad Pugh: does not show everything there ether.

[21:32] Dean Proctor: what is it missing?

[21:32] Brad Pugh: there should be tabs there, so you can set stuff like price, color, ect ect.

[21:34] Brad Pugh: Same thing here as well admin.php?target=categories&mode=add just seems to stop at images and forgets the reset. lol

[21:36] Brad Pugh: hmm it’s also mixing things up now.

[21:36] Brad Pugh: click add to cart here [url][/url] it adds something else. lol

[21:37] Dean Proctor: awesome

[21:37] Dean Proctor: I’m going to reset the site and the db

If anyone has any ideas please let me know, we went back to 1.3.2, AGAIN we did just as the readme said and issue after issue.

I’m also not happy with this 1.3.3 and I’m waiting for the next version very soon…

I think we can wait a little bit and I’m sure that everything will be better soon :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘Jeff’]I’m also not happy with this 1.3.3 and I’m waiting for the next version very soon…

I think we can wait a little bit and I’m sure that everything will be better soon :)[/QUOTE]

I sure hope so, we have been waiting since we got CS-cart as we were told it’s coming in 1.3.3 just wait until then. Then our support runs out, now we are paying them to upgrade our system. If they can’t do it then CS-cart is usless. We did everything the readme said to a “T” and does not work, then we did it our way and patached things that did not work by hand. Still does not work.

CS-Cart, Admin, Dev. Someone please reply with your thoughts. I would love to hear why this upgrade did not work. I would also like to know after you install it on our system that we are paying for what you had to do different, I think it would be a good idea to update your readme after that as well.

Here is a small list of things I say:

Admin side:

  1. Products no longer shows everything when you click on them. admin.php?target=products&mode=update&product_id=58#detailed
  2. Adding products no longer works.

  3. Tabs in Firefox no longer worked for parts like Modules. admin.php?target=settings§ion_id=Modules#main
  4. Add new category no longer worked. admin.php?target=categories&mode=add
  5. There was more but forgot them.

    User side:
  6. When you added a products it added the wrong thing to the shopping cart.
  7. It also did not add just one it was add ether 2 or 6 of the wrong item each time. Very odd and not sure why.

    Other than that, I did not see anything else go wrong on the user side. But we need some of the things in 1.3.3 NOW and really can’t wait any longer. If 1.3.2 can’t be upgraded then cs-cart is usless to us and 90% of the people here.

So is there any one that has seen this work? Be honest because I just tested it again on a CLEAN INSTALL the upgrade does not work, everything I listed above should or will happen if you go by the readme file.

CS-cart you plan to reply, fix these issues, reply to my request for install? Something? I would have liked to upgrade our store on the weekend, guess thats not going to happen now is it? 1.3.2 is usless to use because it has no groups for ( color, Size ect. ) it’s even shady in 1.3.3 and harder to use then it really needed to be, making it almost a usless upgrade for us in the first place. This is why we needed and waited on 1.3.3 and now it does not work!

You took something as simple as groups for ( color, Size ect. ) and made it our side of the products meaning more stpes, more searching, more of everything not needed to simply set a color or size for things when your adding them. Grrr.

Yeah mate it does work on the stock 1.32 going to 1.33 thats how i updated it put a clean 1.32 up then updated it then coped and pasted it over our old store then put our old mysql data in the config. But i new what i adjusted i backed up the things i done and then just put them back when done.

Only thing I changed was a header stuff within cs-cart. Can it not handle something that simple in the upgrade? Thats just sad if it can’t.

Worked fine for me. However the weekend after i had upgraded my website was hacked and it was a huge mess after that, so my website is now running a fresh install. I had made modifications to some of the files also, its just that i had kept a log of what files i edited so it was easy to redo. :slight_smile:

I just ended up paying $100 for them to upgrade it. I would like to see it be able to handle things I edit with in it’s self. If we edit only a template they should be able to build something in for that to track it and make upgrades much easier.

If you look at our site you will notice only one things different really than the default. the template changed, the color and everything of that design worked for us. Maybe I am just use to other higher end software as most soft can deal with changes…

As long as they can upgrade I will be happy. :wink: