cPanel Mail account vs Google App Mail

Hi community members, I recently learnt that we can attach to Google App account, in light of this fact I want to know which is the better option, to stick with cPanel mail account or migrate to Google App.:confused: :confused: Thanks a lot in advance.

Are you talking about Gmail?

If so, you can keep your cPanel mail and still use Gmail.

In Gmail, just go to your Mail Settings. Then click on Account and Import. In there, you can change the Send Mail As setting and the Check mail using POP3 setting.

By changing both of those settings you will be able to send and receive emails through Gmail while still being able to keep your email address like

If that isnโ€™t what you were looking for, I apologize. If it is, I hope it helps.


I use google for one of my domains, works fine and as itโ€™s something like 9gig of storage it saves me some and bandwidth too :-0

I donโ€™t use it other then for email.

Link for anyone interested - [url][/url]

Hi brandonvd, thanks a lot for replying:-) :slight_smile: , I brake my doubt so that you will get exact picture.

Option 1: I shall use the service of my hosting provider for

Option 2: I shall use the service of Google for

A more detailed Pro and Con on the above issue will be much appreciated.

Hi kickoff3pm, thanks a lot for sharing your experience:) , I really noticed your point on bandwidth.