Coupons driving me crazy

I am not sure if the coupon feature actually works, not a lot of positive comments in the forum, I have followed the KB which is clear as mud.

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Essentially I would like to provide a customer a $20 coupon to be applied to their next order if;

  1. They buy a certain product.

  2. The pay via a certain payment method.

    So I create promotion A)

    Condition: Automatically generated Coupon Code

    Bonus: Order discount: By Fixed Amount $20

    I create promotion B)

    Condition: Products:The product they need to purchase

    Condition: Payment method: Payment method x

    Bonus: Give coupon: The Automatic Coupon in promotion A)

    What I end up with is $20 discount applied to any order regardless of what product is in it.


    No payment options available on any order all are locked to Payment method x

    Surely this is not right?