Coupon headaches!


This coupon system is doing my head in!

All I want to do is the following:

Customer buys product A

When he does, he gets a $50 coupon to use on future products (product list)

Think I’ve been looking at it too long, any ideas??

Running version 2.0.8 at the mo


Bumpety Bump… Anyone?

I am not sure that you can create a coupon for future purchases. It seems it is designed to automatically apply a coupon to the current purchase:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

It would be nice to be able to generate coupons for use with future sales.


I thought that’s what coupons were for? A coupon to buy something later with? Otherwise it would be just a discount rule no?

[quote name=‘Trixman’]I thought that’s what coupons were for? A coupon to buy something later with? Otherwise it would be just a discount rule no?[/QUOTE]

Not exactly. A discount is given automatically. A coupon requires that the customer provide the coupon code. However, given my understanding of the way this works in CS-Cart, an automatic coupon is essentially a discount.

One possibility is to give a gift certificate.


Actually, Trixman, I would think your request should be able to be handled by a promotion but I can’t get it to work.

I created a promotion with a code and a discount of $50 for an order. I then tried to create a second promotion with a product as the condition and the bonus “give coupon” but I get a “No data found” message instead of the option to choose a coupon.

Maybe this is a bug?

There’s also the condition of “automatically generated coupon code” but I couldn’t get that to work, either.

Don’t know if this helps you out or not.



Going live on 2.0.8 on 2/1/10!


I have gotten this to work using the instructions in the knowledge base which use the “automatically generated coupon code” condition. I get the ‘No data found’ for the “automatically generated coupon code” code condition but it works anyway. The approach seems redundant: giving an automatic coupon amounts to giving a discount.

As a practical matter, what changes would need to be made if a coupon code was generated for future use. Specifically, how would the customer be notified (e.g., does it appear on the invoice or just when the order is placed)? If the coupon is time-limited, this information would also need to be conveyed to the customer. I think these issues might be part of the reason for it working the way it does.


Ah, I just re-read the KB instructions again and see the note at the bottom indicating the coupon code will appear at the bottom of the Order Info page after the order is completed. I’m sure the description could accommodate the expiration date requirement but if that’s the only place the customer will see the coupon code then that’s not too convenient, is it? :slight_smile:

I would think it would be great if the customer would see the coupon code on their invoice or, even better, receive a separate e-mail with the coupon code noted in it.

Thanks for the clarification!



Going live with 2.0.8 on 2/1/10!

Thanks for catching that, Stepanie - I missed it completely.

It appears to work properly and the coupon code appears on the invoice but it needs better visibility for the customer.


Well, that’s good that it appears on the invoice. Maybe some modification could be done to make it more visible to the customer. Something to think about if I ever decide to use this option. It is a nice opportunity to persuade a customer to return and shop again!



Going live with 2.0.8 on 2/1/10!

I think a bunch of arrows pointing to the coupon code and a caption reading “Come spend your money with me!” sounds good. :wink:


Thanks Guys. Think I’ve got it now. Still weird, but you basically make 2 thingies in the Cart Promotion bit.

Promo A… to generate automatic coupon that lets you redeem against X products.

Promo B… to say if a client buys X, give him a ‘coupon’ (and it auto fills that coupon dependent upon what you’ve called promo A)

It stays with ‘no data found’ until you actually make a purchase… which I did to test.

It gives you a coupon number, whether this is individual to each person I’ve yet to see, and if it works, who the hell knows, but we have to try.

The instructions in the KB are hopeless to follow and the whole system seems overly complicated.

I really dislike that it shows both promotions on the order info: a promotion with no information (the trigger) and the actual coupon code.