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I’ve released an ad near my city to be published on monday, I’ve already sent the ad in so i can’t have the ad edited to have it say save 15% from any product in the ad with coupon code (coupon code). My Question is, Is there a way that I can have a coupon code work for a few products having a few dollars off for each product, I tried adding the coupon code multiple times that way I can have some products have a few more dollars off, but it doesn’t let me, I’m assuming you cant have the same coupon code.

Any suggestions on how to have this worked around would be appreciated:)

in 1.3.4 sp3 you can add a percentage to any number of selected products with the same code (at least I think I have)

just bump up the times to use to some large number for ea. product

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I think thats the question:confused:

Actually thats the mistake I’ve made, It would have been quite easy to have the ad to have stated Receive 15% off on products being displayed on the ad, But I didn’t, I just had shown the prices they will be receiving if entering the coupon code, and It seems I cant do it because Cs-cart doesn’t allow me to actually have multiple coupons using the same coupon code. What I’m trying to achieve is to have 1 product have 3 dollars off, 2nd product have 5 dollars off, and so on using the same coupon code for all of them. There has to be someway to have the same coupon code added more than once.

ahh…i see you dilemna

hopefully someone can help…that might be out of my “expertise” cough


NP, Thanks Mike!

Anyone that has a way to get around for the coupon code, I’d appreciate it if you let me know.

I’m looking for the same solution…if anyone has any ideas, please share.