Coupon Code Reusable(Not Logic),customer Keep Create New Account To Use Same Coupon Code

Please help, urgent..really help
i have set the promotion with once per customer. but the customer send his code to other people or he create new account and use the coupon code again. is it possible to disable the used coupon code? so customer wont be able to use the same coupon code again.
able to set the coupon code disable once used? i don want my customer to use the same coupon code again and again. because this coupon code consider as money rebate. if they keep create new account and use the same code, it will be worst.
Thank You

What about "Number of usages" condition?


"Number of usages" doesn't work for me.

but i have create promotion with 500 coupon code
i have use the coupon code "in" condition with 500 customize coupon code. (i already printed on voucher paper and distributed to my customer)
may i know is it possible to disable particular coupon code from this 500 customize coupon code? after customer applied the coupon code and the order status "Process"
i dont want customer to reuse the same coupon code. or send to other people.

I am afraid, additional code customisation is required here. Unfortunately coupon codes are not deleted automatically after usage

Since you have already setup the promotion and distributed the coupon codes, I guess you could manually delete each coupon code you created, once it has been used, from your "in" statements. Not exactly convenient, but it would solve your problem for now, right?

The only way to currently accomplish what you want to do is to create an individual promotion for each coupon code you want to give out. Then, you can use the "number of usages" condition to prevent it being used multiple times. This will create quite a cumbersome list in promotions, and would take a lot longer to setup unfortunately, but it'd work.