Coupon Code Always Returning "the Entered Code Cannot Be Applied"

I think that I am facing a bug, but I am not sure how to debug this. Just to know I am running the version 4.12.2.SP2

Everytime that a user use a coupon code from a promotion in the cart or checkout page the website return a warning message saying the following "Warning The entered code cannot be applied, because it does not meet the requirements.". This message appear all times, doesnt matter if the coupon work or not.

If the coupon can be applied, the website will return the warning saying that "the coupon cannot be applied" together with the message that "the coupon was applied successfully", if the coupon cannot be applied just the warning message will appear.

Seems that in someway this is related with the gift certificate addon from CS Cart, since if I disable it the message disappear but I couldnt figure out yet how to debug or solve this?

Anyone already had a similar problem?