Coupon causing strange things in cart

I have a customer who whenever she enters a coupon code I gave her, all the totals in the cart go out of whack. I logged in to see & it appeared that every other product in the cart said $0 for the total. :confused:

need more info

Customer has approx 70.

Customer goes to checkout and enters coupon (not discount) code I gave them.

After coupon code is entered, every other item in the cart changes to a $0 dollar amount (the actual cost of the item is replaced with $0).

What additional info do you need? Let me know & I’ll do my best to supply it. I’d love a resolution to this.

what version cart- what did u set the coupon value to be???

It’s version version 1.3.5 SP2 , & the value of the coupon was $7.70, absolute (not percent).

Send me a PM with the login details Brennie, I’ll need to have a look at a few configs.