Counting item once combined with amount order

have an issue we can’t figure out. Here the brainbreaker;

I’d like to add an aditional item only once when another item has been bought for example amount of 100 pieces. I was playing around with the product configurator to add only 1 piece of a related item when ordering 100 items of a connected item. Bit cryptic maybe; it is for printing business premiums where several ways of printing additionally can be orderd (via the product configurator). Every item has a few cents per item printing cost, but… also 1 time setup cost per color printing. So I defined the setup cost as a seperate product which will be added also. A sample cart could look like;

500 ballpoints à $ 0.86

500 times printing in 1 color à $ 0.12

1x setup printing cost for all 500 → $ 20,-

It’s comparable to shipping cost. Difference here it will be added to every order-line when chosen.

Really don’t know how to figure this out…

Not sure if this will fully meet your needs but you can take a look at Promotions if you are running 1.3.5.

Make sure “If several promotions can be applied, set” is set to “all” in the dropdown available in Admin->Addons->Promotions. You would use the Admin->Addons area to define your promotions for each major product.

I m not sure how this would work if the additonal item is based on previous dependencies but this would be worth investigating.


Have been playing around. Good suggestion. Can’t get it to work as fasr as I see. Pls keep in mind it should be also easy as possible to add printing options to 10k+ items… :wink: