Could Someone Please Explain The Methodology For Design These Days?

Hi all, its been a while since I made design changes in CS Cart. I seem to remember reading that the my_changes Add-on no longer applies?

If so, just wondering how I go about styling the responsive template properly - in a way that won't have my changes overwritten by an upgrade for example?



Not 100% scott but I think the my_changes is still used for changes to .tpl files etc, but .css can all be done in the design>themes>.css editor

I have my_changes enabled and in use and also custom .css in the editor BUT just to make sure I copy all the custom css to notepad before any upgrades so I can paste it straight back in when complete

Hi John, thanks that sounds like a good and safe approach.



Not a pro but I do my own design by creating

responsive / styles / data / new.less responsive / styles / data / new.css


responsive / styles / data / new.less responsive / styles / data / new.less

in new.less I copy&duplicate any existing available by default style I like for example modern.less (default).

In new.css I put only css parts I want to modify from mordern.less or styles.less located in

responsive / css / styles.less

now for example I want to change padding of top-menu, in styles.less I find

.top-menu-grid {
    padding-top: 38px;

and put

.top-menu-grid {
    padding-top: 10px;


responsive / styles / data / new.css

Done. Be sure to have "Rebuild cache automatically" enabled in admin.php?dispatch=themes.manage

To find part for modification, in front end use right mouse click > Inspect Element (FireFox).

Please take a look:

Hi Guys, thank you for the replies this is very helpful.

Kind Regards,


Scott, we use exclusively my_changes method for css. Storing css in the DB and then having future upgrades mess with the DB does not give me warm-fuzzies with my upgrade experiences. Hence we prefer to have the css/less extensions under our control in the filesystem. If things every go screwed up, we could fix it by FTPing a file rather than having to find an issue in the DB. We use the same methods for backend and frontend css/less modifications while the DB approach only deals with frontend.