Could someone please explain how the CMS works?

I have created a new topic and have added pages to that topic but when you click on the topic all you get is a blank page. What am I missing?

When you created the test topic, where did you place the pages or links to the other pages? If you are using links, did you insert them through the “Edit through visual HTML editor” or just paste them in “Full Description” box?


I just created a topic with a description: “this is a test topic”. then I created a page under that topic with a page name: “test page” Pageid: “test” Short Description: “short descr” Full description: “Full shiz”. Now when they click on the topic link shouldnt it have a sub menu of the pages or something?

Something has to be wrong because when I do the same thing on the cs-cart demo site it works fine.

Yes, something is wrong. Your post made me go play with “topics” more and now I have a problem where I can’t have more than 1 topic or it all goes south. There is a post on the bugs and issues board, but the fix that was posted did not solve my problem. Sorry, but now I’m stuck too for the time being.


Well, I have a support ticket open on this so I hope they will be able to tell what is wrong.

Hey smoked,

Did you ever get a reply on yoru help ticket? Thanks,


Yes, I got a reply and my issue has been fixed. The problem was that zlib was not enabled in my php.ini file and the cart was not detecting that. There are two ways to fix it. One way would be to enable it and the other involves changing some code. I think that this will be fixed in the next version though.

What version are you running?


I am running 1.3.3 with the service pack.