Cost On Payments When Multiple Payments Are Used For One Order

I've found something that seems wrong.

We have a couple of payment methods that charge an percentage over the order, it's usually gift certificates you can buy at supermarkets, the Paysafecard in this manner.

What happens:

1) Customer places a 100 euro order.

2) Want's to use a 50 euro Paysafecard (or any other)

3) There's an extra 10% costs on using that card, so instead of 50 euro's, 5 euro's are just for using it, and 45 euro's should be extracted.

4) CS Cart charges 10% over the entire ammount instead on the amount used by that card, so here 50 euro card counts as an 40 euro card.

Anyone an idea how to fix this?

Please post this issue to the bug tracker

You're right! Done!