Cost Field Import With Markup From Cost Using Promotions

The most basic of needs for any company is being able to markup pricing for profitability, special prices for specific customer groups, wholesale pricing for wholesale customers, etc.

CS-Cart ONLY allows TWO methods of adjusting prices. A fast, simple, easy method in the promotions module to mark DOWN from the price.

This is ok if you have a standard markup on all of your items that is consistent across all categories and products.

It's also ok if you don't have very many categories to individually set pricing discounts for.

But CS-Cart actually has a large inventory demo store to show off the speed of cs-cart with large inventory databases.

Yet they fall short when it comes to managing that inventory and it's pricing structure.

First import your hundred thousand items in small file sizes because cs-cart can't handle an import of that size. Then use the following method to adjust prices per customer group (wholesale/retail)

The other method of adjusting pricing is through Quantity Discounts. Taking your product csv file into excel, creating the relevant columns for Quantity Discount import, adjusting the pricing per group type based on a markUP from your cost. Then importing those into cs-cart in small groupings because cs-cart will freeze if you try to import too many items at once.

A much simpler method would be to simply add ONE field to the standard import of cscart. The "Cost" field.

Then adjust the promotions module to be able to look at the Price field OR the Cost field and either markup UP or mark DOWN based on which choice you make.

You could still define the requirements based on group type and all of the other standard promotions possibilities.

A likely example of a promotion for wholesale pricing could be one promotion for wholesale group only, that marksUP everything from the cost field 110%. So an item which has a List price of $100.00, a selling price to retail customers of $80.00 but a cost of $50.00....... would automatically sell to wholesale grouped customers for $55.00 and still sell to retail customers for $80.00

And another group which only has a 15% profit margin to retail customer, could be set for a 5% mark UP for wholesaler customer so their price wouldn't exceed the retail price.


Item A in Category A has a cost of $10.00 with a retail List price of $11.50

Retail customers would pay $11.50 unless you discounted the item. But you could set promotions to look at the Cost field and markup 5% for wholesale customer only. Resulting in a wholesale price of $10.50

Item B in Category B might have a 200% margin so item B has a cost of $10.00 with a List Price of $30.00

you could still have a 5% markup on all categories for wholesale..... OR you could set a category markup of 20% for Category B resulting in the item selling wholesale for $12.00 to only the wholesale group.

Doing it the current method of mark DOWN only is not logical, not practical and not versatile.

It could do this new method based on two minutes of setting something in promotions instead of HOURS AND HOURS of filling excel files, setting markup amounts, copying that to all items in the column, saving as SEPARATE csv files and importing them one at a time because cs-cart can't handle large imports.

It would also set CS-Cart as the most versatile and powerful of all carts when it comes to pricing structure.

And their new upgrade page states that they are aiming exactly for that goal of being THE best cart anywhere.