Correcting Feature Errors In Bulk

We run a small bookstore online. During one of our bulk product Merge file imports to CS-Cart, we had accidentally mislabeled a category within our merge file. This created a new feature category with the improper name in CS-Cart, and left the proper feature category blank. There are approximately 100 records involved.

I’m trying to figure out how to correct this error in bulk, rather than fixing each record one at a time. Is there a way to do this using only CS-Cart’s back-end GUI and Excel? (I don’t have a lot of SQL programming skills.) What we’d like to do is transfer all data from the mislabeled field to the proper one.

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this using standard Import/Export CS-Cart functionality only.

You can search the products by category on the Products > Products page of your CS-Cart admin panel and delete the ones that are assigned to the wrong category. After that, re-import the .csv file with the correct data.

I hope this will help.