Correct Way Of Adding A Product Tab For A Single Product?

What is the correct way adding a product tab for a single product?

I currently go to Design > Product Tabs and create the tab. Then I have to disable it for every product except the one I want to use it with. When I add new products I have to make sure to go back to the Product Tabs area and disable those as well. It seems like a stupid way of doing things.

For example, I'm adding a range of CCTV cameras, around 15 models. They all have massive tech specs so they're going on seperate tabs. So I will create 15 tabs. Am I really going to have to disable each and everyone individually everytime I add a new product? What if I end up with 50 tabs!?

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You should disable the tab and enable it for one product on the Status tab:

Yes, that is the way I do it now. But it means everytime I add a new product I have to go and disable it over and over again? What if I end up with 50+ tabs, 100+ tabs!?

The Product Tab editing should really be a part of the product you are adding....

You can create a new tab with HTML content and specify unique content for each product in one tab. There is no need to create separate tab for each tech specification