Core product at $0.00 Options with prices wont show Tax!?

Hi everyone!

Core product at $0.00, Options with prices but wont show tax unless I put the core price to $0.01 !

Looks really shoddy!!

Anyone got a way to make it shope tax on the options when the core price is $0?

Hope someone can help!


Where do you want to see the tax? I have items with $0 base price and only the options showing the price and the tax shows up just fine when i view the shopping cart in 2.0.8. Is there somewhere else you want to see the tax?


How did you get yours to show up? even CS cart tech support told me it wasnt possible without a modification???

This is the product with a 0.00 core cost, but costs in the options…


See? no tax shows up at ALL… it wont display the Tax bit while the core price is $0 EVEN if theres prices in the options!

This is the product with a 0.01 core cost, and costs in the options…

It works, but with a 0.01 costing to make the tax show up, it looks like a sham…


If you can see this you would have had to change some code? If you could let me know what you changed that would be great!

I am also using 2.0.8


I am not showing tax on the product page but only in the cart during checkout. I’m only charging tax for NJ state residents so I’m not worried about showing the tax at the product details page level.

Sorry I can’t help you more. I hope you can figure out how to get it to show without too much cost to you!