Core dump files


Recently I noticed that core dump files were being generated in the root directory once everyday for a week. Initially I thought this was due to some server issues with the hosting provider, nonetheless when the hosting company checked one of the core files they came up with the following response

The information from the latest core file dated Oct 12 13:13 core.25150 contains the following.

Core was generated by `/usr/bin/php /home/xxx777core.25150/public_html/index.php’.

Program terminated with signal 7, Bus error.

#0 0xb6e1e22b in ?? () from /usr/local/IonCube/

Something in your application is causing the cores. you may want to send these to your software developer.

I am not sure what this means but any help is much appreciate it

The version I am running is 2.0.1

Why are you using ioncube? Suggest you have your host turn that off unless you are using an addon that requires it; then I'd contact the addon supplier to have them investigate. Also ensure that your host is running PHP 5.2, not 5.3 since the shared object seems to be related to 5.2.

Thanks tbirnseth

Not sure if I understand this correctly. Is ioncube causing the problem? Is one of the addons (since I have only 2 addons) causing the problem? Is php 5.2 version the problem?

Apologies but I am not an IT person and do not understand this stuff.

What I know is that in the last 2 yrs (since I have been running the site) this is the first time this has occured, and no add on was added over this time (except we had 2 addons since the very begining). So I am not sure suddenly what may have triggered this?

Thanks for your thoughts


Ioncube is both an accelerator (caches PHP code) and is also used by some people as security for their code. I.e. they can distribute encrypted code and Ioncube can decrypt and run it.

Your core file is from Ioncube. However, it is just a part of the food-chain and may or may not be the direct cause of the problem. Think of it like Apache->PHP->Ioncube->Cs-cart. Have your host disable Ioncube and see if:

  1. the problem goes away
  2. what breaks when your disable ioncube.

    If you find something in #2, then contact the provider of that something.

Thanks again

I am already working with the hosting company on disabling ioncube so that I can isolate the issue (if it is due to ioncube)

In the meantime the hosting company told me that they can use PHP5.3 but ioncube and zend optimiser are incompatible with that version

Should I upgrade to version 5.3 will it affect the speed etc (since ioncube is php accelarator) or any other functionality?



A new core file was formed but it did not say anything

Core was generated by `/usr/bin/php /home/xxx777/public_html/index.php'.

Program terminated with signal 7, Bus error.

#0 0xb6f8a22b in ?? ()

So not sure if ioncube is causing this. Anyway disabled ioncube but nothing seems to have broken down on the site.

Appreciate your thoughts


Changed to PHP 5.3. A number of core files dumped into root soon after. Site working fine but not sure what is causing these, any ideas?

Thanks and appreciate your response


Ive just notice the same thing on my site, 343MB of core.nnnn files. all generated within 5minutes on the same day,

I wonder what generated them.?

The coincidence is that these files are timestamped at exactly the same time that I had CS Cart FTP access to make some changes.

Ive deleted them and it seems to ok. Thus far.