Copyright.tpl File


Version 4.2.3

Hope some one can help me. This line {$config.resources.product_url} is located in COPYRIGHT.TPL file.

I have been trying to change the URL attached to this to my URL on the bottom of the site. Before you just added your URL in the admin → setting → company and it was fine. Note, when hoverrd I get I also checked laguages and not there to remove. Can somone tell me where this is located {$config.resources.product_url}. I believe that this might be the issue, but not certained.

Help is greatly apprceiated.


do you mean powered by etc

Thank you for response. I have already try that. I need located where this is pulling from on the copyright.tpl page {$config.resources.product_url}.


Thanks, that's is what I needed to change. Worked!

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