Copyright do it like this

any ways i remember wen i first started and there was a lot of questions about the copyright.

any ways this is how i do it!

create a new Html block with smarty support!!! and remove the old copyright block.

put this in to the block!

<br />
<p class="bottom-copyright">&copy;<br />
{if $smarty.const.TIME|date_format:"%Y" != $settings.Company.company_start_year}{$settings.Company.company_start_year}-{/if}{$smarty.const.TIME|date_format:"%Y"} {$settings.Company.company_name}.<br />
</p><br />

```<br />
<br />
now you have a copyright that takes start year of the company to current year<br />
<br />
correct me if i am wrong <img src="upload://hEqFvDtxAwxck1Iq6vKqv2clX1J.png" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":o">)<br />
<br />

Version 4.0.X already does this… FYI

hmm No i dont think so #2

in standard cs-c you get this “Powered by CS-Cart - Shopping Cart Software”

in my version you only get this “© 2009-2013 Storename”