Cooperative Testing Program

Hi All,

I presume most here own their own version of a cs-cart product. If you do, then you have likely been caught out by bugs (or swarm of bugs as the case may be).

I think testing can be done better for less individual effort if we work together. I would like to hear from any Senior Forum members who are intersted in contributing to the development of a community driven regression testing program.

The intention is at maturity of this program, on Beta release, developed test cases are distributed to anyone who wants to participate, more the better, with results to be collated on central repositry (GitHub?), prioritised by a user group and fed back to cs-cart. The details of how this would work are to be developed as part of this program.

My credentials to run with this ...

I have over 20 years experience in management in both defence and civilian (superannuation) environments.

  • -My proudest achievements include developing a business model for the maintenance of a new warship, and project managing the identification of over 100,000 lines of portable items that went on each ship.
  • -My last role included responsibility for data integrity across all schemes and management information systems for a superannuation fund managing over A$25 billion in funds.
  • -I have experience chairing an international team of defence personal together with representatives from some of the worlds largest defence companies to deliver on a shared goal.
  • -I have managed release of new business functions in a complex environment using agile project management techniques and formal software testing and development program.

What next?

If you are Senior forum member interested in being part of the team then please PM me.

If others would like to be part of a testing program (once developed) or have any words of wisdom please contibute below.

Everyone is busy so I am just chucking out there at this point and very early in the new year I will reach out if we get any transaction...

Thanks for reading!