Control Vendor View?

Is there a way to limit the tabs that show up in the Vendor view? In my business model, I don’t want vendors to be able to create their own pages so I would like to hide the “Content” tab.

This should be done with user group priviledges, but apparently priviledges do not work with vendors. This is the response I got form the support team:

‘The privileges will work only for the administrator accounts which are not the vendors ones. I mean, you have vendors in your store and the administrator accounts for them, it is a default functionality that the privileges will not work for these accounts. But if you create an administrator account on the “Administrators” page of your CS-Cart admin panel (without assigning it to any company) and apply it for the created user group, the necessary privileges will work for this account.’

Crazy, I know. For me it makes sense to set privileges for vendors to control your shop, but, it seems that vendors doing what they like is good practise.

This was posted in the ideas area awhile ago. It is definitely a necessity and could use some votes: [url][/url]

Unless you are a coder or have deep pockets to pay a coder, you will have issues getting things changed through the vendor view. There should definitely be a way to edit what the vendor sees because each marketplace is geared towards different industries. I personally don’t want the vendor to see half the stuff that is on their view. I think for now until CS Cart sets up an easy way to make changes, like with the customer view, everyone that is using the multi vendor version might benefit from each other if we post how to hide different tabs, links, etc. as we find them out. I know you can ask CS Cart technical support during your 30 days or credits, on how to hide things and they will either tell you.

I wonder if we made a list on here or if we listed which tabs and links we want gone, if they would create the fixes and place them in the Knowledge Base so we and future users of the multi vendor version could quickly find out how to make those changes. Just an idea.

hi all,

I want to hide my left and right panel form my comapnies page.

I have Disabled left and right panel form admin side Design >> Blockes, but this changes affect in my all pages. I don’t want to change in my whole site, i want to change in companies page only.

How can i hide left and right panel?