Control over metas for all pages

I’m getting screamed at by my google webmaster dashboard for duplicate meta descriptions and titles on some things. I have disallow on some pages, but don’t want to in others (ex, sitemap and news pages). I don’t know how bad this is for SEO, but if my dashboard is upset, it seems like its kind of a big deal. I would like, for the future, to have control over all metas.

By the way, in line with this, does anyone know if I disallow the redirect


which redirects to my main page, if that will affect my homepage access to google by direct domain? And where is that url coming from?


I too am concerned over this and it is un’ or maybe related to a previous post I made [URL][/URL]

While that issue was truly something I was doing and since corrected I am now faced with receiving this error message from Google for having a category with several pages of items…

/our-products-n-stuff-here-c191.html‎, repeats with /…c191-page-2.html, …c191-page-3.html and so on

Have you found or know of a way to alter the meta titles and descriptions for the subsequent pages?