Contextual Help

Good morning everyone,

Could some explain me how I can add contextual help on the back-end? I would like to add an explanation for each feature in the product loading page (and other pages), so that vendors can more easily load their own product. I'm looking for a way to insert those question mark signs in the back end, in addition to the ones already included. They are very helpful to users who are new to the platform.

Also is there a way to have them be part of a translation package?

I attached an image to illustrate what I'm referring to.

Thank you in advance for your help!

[EDIT] I found the help in the cs cart documentation.

However, the tooltips do not seem to edit or refresh. I added &stt&ctpl once at the end of the page URL and it is now impossible to go back to the original tooltips setup. I cleared the cache, clear the browser cache and did everything else I could think of, including using a different browser. It also does not show the new entries I made to the language variables.

Can someone help?

[EDIT2]: found the answer to that second question, just add &ctpl at the end of the URL. It cleared the cash and worked.