Contents appear and dissapear from some pages


Already posted a request for this, but cs cart team couldn’t help me even after providing the ftp access.

I created some new pages and added blocks to it. These blocks are enabled to show some products and categories on each pages…

Now for one of the pages which has 3 categories this appears and disappears automatically. On my footer there are links like contact us , About us etc. Now when these 3 categories are on the page they also appear in the About us page. When these 3 categories disappear from the page they also disappear from the about us,terms conditions and other information pages.

And there are some pages which don’t show the correct products/categories which are assigned in admin area. They keep changing/show wrong products.

This is happening only with the block system when i assign a new product/category to a new page.

Not on the product pages.

Really don’t know what to do…Some say its cache,some say its a server issue.

Should i just switch to a new host?

Any advice would be great!