Contact us Form

Hi Everyone,

For the life of me I cannot seem to find the contact-us.html page in the ftp files so I can change this to add our company name and address. We are trying to give the customers a place to see our physical address when they are wanting to send payment via money order. Thanks


There is not contact-us.html page. Everything is done dynamically through the admin. To change the pages you would go to:

Admin => Content => Pages

In there you can see the about us page and the contact us page.


In the Admin Panel click on Content then Pages then Contact us

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Boy do I feel like a nub, why do I overlook the obvious. :slight_smile: Thanks


mile in case you did not know you can also create your own type of form and have the results sent via email

for example look at my site and see the parts request form i did them myself it was not purchased its just someone told me how to start it and i went to work on it

figured it out as i went