Contact Us - Bots..?

I am running 1.34 sp2 and for the last 3 weeks I am getting about 20 Contact Us posts like below:

Personal information

First Name: retro porn movies

Last Name: retro porn movies


Phone: dsVnwVWrNCpcELo

Country: United States



Subject: sISiVcEGMzfXXAQ

Body: cool post thx porno for woman preteen nude pics preteen sex stories preteens ***** pictures real father ****ing daughter realsex retro porn movies russian lolitas preteens sandrateenmodel

All posts are using a email address which is made up. So, I get the cannot deliver return mail as well.

Obviously this is a bot, and I have captured the IPs, but the IPs are different each time. I have even turned off the Contact Us function, but they still come in.

Anyone else having this issue and how do I stop them?

Oh and before anyone says to do so: I have tried to upgrade to SP3 and above but have been unsuccessful in the many many upgrade attempts. So, right now that is not an option.



Is no one besides me having this problem?

It looks like they are using bots to sign up for the Newsletter too.


This is already part of 1.3.5, but you should read through this thread [url][/url]

Have you got your authentication switched on, the robots can’t read the letters/numbers!

Sorry, maybe 1.3.4 sp2 doesn’t have this?

[quote name=‘baballuci’]This is already part of 1.3.5, but you should read through this thread [url][/url][/QUOTE]

those instructions are old and doesnt work for sp3