Contact form and iPads


Not sure if this is iPad specific but, when a person fills out a contact form and I reply from my computer, the reply to address is the person who sent the contact form. If I reply from my iPad, the reply to address is my address meaning that the send to and reply to address are the same, me. I was wondering if anyone ease has noticed this or if it is specific to my settings.


I get that also on different PCS, probably local settings in the email that identifies the address as you


This is an Apple problem.

When iOS6 came out, Apple decided to IGNORE the 'reply to' field in ALL messaging. They decided to do this to prevent text messaging from being able to use a 'reply to' addresses which apparently was being exploited by users maliciously.

Basically, they reduced functionality in email messages and there is NOTHING you can do about it except switch to another platform. The Apple mobile product is no longer viable software for website owners who commonly use the 'reply to' field for Contact forms.

Well that's inconvenient.

I just discovered that Apple fixed the 'ReplyTo' field problem in iOS7. After using iOS6 for about a year - and not being able to easily reply to customers who used the Contact form - I can now just click the Reply button and the customer's email address is in the 'To' field again.

I guess I wasn't the only one who thought that simple email client functions that have existed for 30 years shouldn't have been changed by Apple engineers.

Yep, just noticed that yesterday.